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5 Core Internet Marketing Strategies - Part 2


Internet Marketing For Businesses

In the last post we talked about how to develop Internet marketing strategies based on your specific goals and long term budget. Today, I want to go one step further and talk about specific goals and marketing tools you will use to meet those goals online. Let’s dive in. 

How to Benefit From Social Media Marketing During the Olympics


Small Businesses Have a Say Too

Social media marketing
is playing a much larger role during the 2012 Summer Olympics compared to 2008. According to Mashable, since the 2008 Summer Olympics Facebook has grown from 100 million users to 900 million while "the number of posts per day by Twitter users worldwide has exploded from about 300,000 to 400 million." Watching the Olympics is a whole different outlook than four years ago. While watching they tell you what to use as a hashtag for Twitter and who you should follow for the latest. They even set rules and regulations for the athletes on what they can post while they are there. Interestingly, this means that it is a perfect time to promote your own business during the Olympics. I don't mean for you to spend millions of dollars on advertising like the big companies but all you have to do is continue to use social media for your company and include the Olympics in it. Here's what I mean...

Comment & Like On Facebook

With social media marketing taking over the Olympics, Facebook is a major contributor. As of right now there are two major Olympic pages, Olympic Games and U.S Olympic Team, creating 5.7 million fans combined. My advice to you is to engage yourself on those pages. I know it is a lot of fans but someone may see a comment that you wrote and decide to check out your Facebook page to find out more about you. They may be interested in what you have to say, so say it. Whether you want to comment on a picture they posted or an article that you found interesting, you never know what can work. Make a connection to your company while commenting on a post. Tell them how you feel about an article and lead them "to future information...." with a blog you wrote on that topic. If you want them to check out your website or your Facebook page, leave them wanting more information with a link or a way for them to get it. The Olympics are a worldwide event letting you get your name out to those you normally can't. 

Talk About The Olympics

While scrolling through your newsfeed and timeline I'm sure you'll notice that everyone, and I mean everyone, is talking about the Olympics. If someone posts a news article or an opinion of theirs about the Olympics, let them know what you think. Respond back and start a conversation. This could direct you to a new lead whether it is them or one of their fans. Also, take the talking to your own page. Talk about your favorite moments from last nights program or share a link that others might find interesting. If athletes or broadcasters like NBC are going through some trouble, write a blog about how your company would get through that difficulty if it were you. Give advice or a "How To" blog relating to your business so you can share with those interested in the Olympics. The Olympics are only two weeks long so everyone is going to be talking about it for those two weeks. Take this time and show others another side of you that they may be able to connect with.  

5 Core Internet Marketing Strategies - Part I


Internet Marketing For Businesses

In recent years, the dust is starting to settle and while there are still some pockets of chaos, most businesses need a clear strategy when approaching website development, social media marketing, brand development and advertising online. The importance of well defined Internet marketing strategies for businesses is more clear now than ever before and yet many businesses lack the plans needed to guarantee success within their industry. For most of its formative years, the Internet felt like the wild west of business marketing. Those who took their work online found themselves contending with a wide array of possible problems, often without a strategy to keep them afloat. 

In this special two part post, I want to talk about what these strategies entail, why they are so important and why those who take the time to define them in advance stand a much better chance of finding success online. 

Email Marketing In Our Mobile World


Email Marketing Is Still Alive!

Most companies are worried that email marketing is dead with the craze of social media marketing. However, email marketing is still alive and well with the help of smartphones. According to Pew Internet, as of February 2012, 46% of American adults own cell phones; an 11% increase from last May. Email access comes along with smartphones making it easier and convenient to access. Smartphones allow you to connect multiple email addresses to your phone so you can check as many as you need. I personally have my regular email and my school email accessible through my phone. In this article I will explain why email marketing is still alive through the mobile world. 

Is There a ROI?

Assuming that you understand what email marketing is, do you want to know if it actually works? In a survey taken place in May 2011 from Nex Sales, "72% of respondents answered that Return-of-Investment (ROI) of their email marketing campaigns was better than most other means". Today that means a lot considering how many different marketing means there are nowadays. Also "39.4% of marketing industry executives called Email Marketing the most powerful advertising channel for their business". I don't know about you but I'm sold on it. 

How to Win Fans and Influence People With Your Facebook Business Page


Many small businesses achieve social media irrelevance by simply ignoring the opportunity to connect with existing or potential customers. But...there is a better way.

Why Social Media Networking Needs Young Minds


Young Adult Social Media Managers

There has been much debate over a blog post by Cathryn Sloane about "Why Every Social Media Manager Should Be Under 25". While going into detail about why, some readers were offended by the idea that those over 25 can not handle social media marketing for businesses and should not be in charge of it. Others agreed with her ideas of how a youthful mind would fit the position. I in fact, agree with her ideas on why Social Media Managers should be young adults.

How Bing Integrates Social Media Marketing In It's Results


In the last few years, search has changed quite a bit. What was once envisioned as a pure, “objective” and numerical evaluation of the best sites for a given query has recently become much more personalized and it is benefiting services other than Google. 

6 Reasons To Use Twitter In Your Social Media Marketing: Part 2


I'll Still Give You Something To Tweet About


6 Reasons To Use Twitter In Your Social Media Marketing: Part 1


I'll Give You Something To Tweet About

A little birdie told me that you are looking for a quick and easy way to get your business out to the public. Almost every company is using social media marketing nowadays and if you aren't I think it's about time you jump on the bandwagon. A social media site that you should definitely be using is Twitter.

Lanyrd: Internet Marketing Through A Social Conference Directory


How Can You Find Conferences You Should Attend?  

There are always new websites and apps that can help you with your business. A new one that we found recently is a site called Lanyrd. Lanyrd is a social media site that helps you to find conferences that you should attend and track ones that you can't. It can be anything from a professional event to a hobbiest event. How does it work? It's easy... just check out what events your Twitter friends are attending or speaking at to see if it is something that interests you. You can also browse conferences based on a certain topic. Once you find one that interests you decide whether or not you can attend. The event will then be put onto your calendar if you would like so you won't forget about it. It will also show your Twitter followers what you are planning on attending in the future so they can see if it interests them as well. 

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